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L029 — Long Lens Foam Insert
L029 — Long Lens Foam Insert
L029 — Long Lens Foam Insert

L029 — Long Lens Foam Insert

The L029 is a padded foam insert which drops into the bottom a long lens case and reduces the size of the sides of the lens base. It minimizes the movement of smaller lenses (300/2.8, 400/4, 500/4.5 or 500/4s) and provides additional protection on the sides.

Reduces the diameter of the bottom half or third of your long lens case and stabilizes smaller diameter lenses in larger diameter cases.

  • Constructed with 16mm (5/8") thick closed-cell foam and covered with gray oxford cloth
  • It will fit in any Kinesis L-series case, i.e. L311, L321, L511, L511, L522, L611 or L622
  • It secures with three Velcro pieces into the base of the bottom of the case and is designed to stay in place without have to remove it each time (unlike the L026 Foam Doughnut)
  • Will not fit inside the E976 XXX-Large Lens Pouch

Field Report

Canon 300/2.8 IS & 400/4 DO (with leatherette lens cap on) will fit fine in an L311/L511 + L029 and are easy to insert and remove. The Canon 500/4 IS, however, is a snug fit and is OK for traveling but is a bit too tight for active “in & out" shooting.


Height: 16cm (6-1/4")

Maximum diameter lens that will fit is 15.2cm (6")

Good for most 300/2.8s but tight for 500s when inside a L311 or L511.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa