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M330 — Small Multi-pouch
Rear view showing KATS, shoulder strap loops and hand grab strap. Note the pair of Siamese SlikClip buckles on the side—they are for piggy-backing old style Kinesis pouches to the side.
The M330 holds one 77mm filter diameter lens & a second smaller lens (10-22/3.5-4.5 & 85/1.8 shown).
M330 — Small Multi-pouch
M330 with a 24-105/4 lens.

M330 — Small Multi-pouch

Multi-purpose pouch for two lenses, a “medium-sized” DSLR with a short lens attached or a mirrorless camera with an extra lens.

  • This bag will hold two lenses or a “medium-sized” DSLR with a lens attached.
  • For belt or over the shoulder use.
  • Designed to hold two lenses up to 17cm or 6.75" tall. One could be a short F2.8 pro-size zoom like a 16-35 or 24-70 and a second smaller lens like a 85/1.8, 50/1.4, 200/2.8, 18-200, most 70-300s, a teleconverter or light meter. If your 2.8 zoom is 82mm in diameter, instead of 77mm, then it might be too tight for a second lens.
  • For most mirrorless or digicam cameras with room for an extra lens.
  • Many Contax G2 and Leica M6 shooters have found this pouch as an ideal carrying case, for both on and off belt use. It will hold a body and one extra lens, or two extra lenses with an extra divider.
  • Completely foam-lined with 6mm closed-cell foam (the larger M550 uses slightly thicker 10mm foam).
  • Supplied with one V055 padded divider.
  • Lid has all-weather overlapping zipper and is compact enough to tuck behind the pouch when in use.
  • Velcro QuickClose™ strap which secures both the main compartment and the front pocket. Two webbing rabbit-ear loops for attaching an optional shoulder strap.
  • Additional pouches can be piggy-backed to either side of the this case (it will cover the pocket).


KATS Space Occupied: 1.5 modules (the horizontal space required by the Kinesis Attachment Tab System [KATS] on a belt or case).

Vol = 201 cu in
Weight = 7.8 oz.

17hx19.5wx9d" cm I.D.
Vol = 3.3 lit.
Weight = 220 g

Designed & Crafted in USA

made in usa