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P069 Attached to P450 Journeyman Back Pack
With Y204 Strap To Attach Rain Jacket, etc.
P069 Attached to H344 Y-Harness
Back side of P069
P069 Attached to H344 Y-Harness, Open View
P069 attached to harness
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P069 — Hydration Pack/Pouch
P069 — Hydration Pack/Pouch
P069 — Hydration Pack/Pouch

P069 — Hydration Pack/Pouch

Discontinued Product (as of May of 2024)

Ultralight backpack and/or hydration pack (requires a harness not included)

  • Wear as a ultralight backpack and/or hydration pack (requires optional harness, not included)
  • Piggy back to a Journeyman backpack for added capacity
  • An industry first — a hydration-only pack for use with a modular photo belt system!
  • Inside hydration sleeve for water 2 or 3 liter bladder (bladder not included)
  • Breathable three-dimensional spacer fabric on the back
  • Sewn-in hand grab loop
  • Water-repellent zipper (#8 self-repairing nylon coil)

Recommended Accessories

  • Harness to convert to a backpack (H255 or H344 harness not included)
  • Y204 or Y205 straps for attaching accessories to the side of the pack.
  • A Y204 strap can attach a jacket or light fleece layer to the side of the P069. It also works as a compression strap over the middle of the pouch, stabilizing the whole load.
  • Hydration Bladders -- We stock the tough Nalgene models.
  • A waistbelt is recommended but not required. The standard “Black Belt” weight (B107, B108 etc.) is our recommended weight.


18-1/2h x 7w x 3-1/2d"
Pack Volume: 420 cu in 9 oz.

47h x 18w x 9d cm
Pack Volume: 6.9 liters 243 g

P069 attachment to the outside of the old style P410 or P415 Journeyman Packs: Technically the P069 is too wide for the upper row uniloops on the pack, but with a slight bend in the P069, it will attach OK. One can attach the middle set of sliders on the P069 to the pack, but there is no place for the bottom set of P069 sliders to attach, but I'm not sure that even matters.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa