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R425 — SafariSack™ 2.0
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R425 — SafariSack™ 2.0
R425 — SafariSack™ 2.0
R425 — SafariSack™ 2.0

R425 — SafariSack™ 2.0

This is designed as an empty ballast or weight bag, but is NOT for use as a camera support. Fill it with sand or water.

In response to shooters needing a durable, yet modular weight bag, we took the design and size of the original SafariSack™ and made a few changes. These changes enabled us to get the cost down, while providing a tough modular bag that works as a ballast with either sand or water filler. (A first in the photo industry.)

The types of filler and their intended purposes are as follows:

  1. Sand. In the studio or for around-town shooting you may want to use the sand filler because it is heavier and slightly more stable than water
  2. Water. For those shooters traveling via the airlines, the water ballast is the best option for ballast. Carry several (3 or 4 for most location shoots) and fill them with water upon arrival. Then dump the contents for the return flight. We used to sell a mylar 4-liter (1 gal) bladder, but our supplier stopped making that product, so now we offer the 5-liter Seattle Sports bladder. It is fairly durable and can be used by itself without a SafariSack, as long as you are careful. The more expensive 4-liter MSR Dromedary Bag also fits, if turned at a slight angle.
  3. Rocks. On location fill this bag with rocks or dirt and sling over light over the legs of your C-Stand or light stand.

One product fulfills the needs of both location and studio shooters -- just change out the bladder, using the same shell.

 Because this sack has no zipper, it MUST be used with a bladder, otherwise the contents will spill out. It can be used as a ballast hung over the rungs of a light stand, attached to the end of boom, or attached around a tripod (optional/special order "SafariSack shoulder strap" is helpful in this mode). Please note that this model lacks the side compression straps of SafariSack I and cannot be used saddlebag style as a support for a camera, rather it's design is to be used saddlebag-style, as a ballast draped over a light stand/C-stand or hung on the end of a boom.


10.25 x 16.5" (flat dimensions)
Empty Weight = 2.1 oz
Weight with Seattle Sports 5 Liter Bladder (filled approx.. 3/4-full with water) = 10 lbs. 6 oz.
Weight with sand bladder = 10–13 lbs.

26 x 42 cm (flat dimensions)
Empty Weight = 60 g
Weight with Seattle Sports 5 Liter Bladder (filled approx. 3/4-full with water) = 4.7 kg
Weight with sand bladder = 4.5–6 kg

 In July of 2015 we added an additional quick-release strap on the end of this product, to facilitate use with the Seattle Sports bladders.

Hang a SafariSack around your tripod for additional stability with long lenses or on windy days. Fill it with sand, rocks or water. With the SafariSack II in this configuration, the $3 optional Y208 strap is a recommended accessory.

 Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa