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V141 — Laptop Divider Kit (for S360)

V141 — Laptop Divider Kit (for S360)

For use inside S360 bag -- bag not included. Fits most laptops up to only 12 or 14".


  • 1 Foam-padded laptop sleeve with a foam bottom
  • 1 V058 Large Divider
  • 2 V057 Medium Dividers
  • 3 V056 Small Dividers
  • 1 V025 Trap Door Divider

Please note that with the laptop sleeve removed, the medium dividers will not span the depth of this case. Additional V058 dividers would then be required. 

The maximum dimension of a laptop computer that will fit is 30.5h x 34.5w x 3.2d cm (12h x 13.75w x 1.25").

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa