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Y301 — Short Tie-Down Strap (pair)

Y301 — Short Tie-Down Strap (pair)

All purpose tie down strap.

  • Hook & loop (Velcro-like) strap that is fully adjustable
  • Sold in pairs


  • Attach R420 SafariSack to roof rack
  • Secure a tire under your bicycle saddle
  • Secure skis together
  • Attach a jacket directly to a Kinesis belt
  • Smoosh down a jacket to fit inside your pack or bag
  • Add a headlamp to your cycling helmet (trim length down to fit & then gently melt the cut end with a candle)


Colors: Available in black only
Dimensions: 25mm-wide (1-inch) x 41cm (16") long 

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa