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Minoura Dual Bottle Cage Holder
Minoura Dual Bottle Cage Holder
Minoura Dual Bottle Cage Holder

Minoura Dual Bottle Cage Holder


  • A holder for mounting two bottle cages behind saddle by clamping the saddle rail.
  • This part is used as the foundation of the eoGEAR RandoBag 2314 Standard Bracket (which uses the our exclusive Velcro Dual Tab System [DTS])
  • This position is good for wind aerodynamics and for road race and triathlon.
  • SBH-300 can be used to carry spare tubes or tool pod.
  • The shape works for hooking bike on a horizontal bar.
  • Made of lightweight and durable #2017 Duralumin in anodized Titanium color finish.
  • The threaded insert for the bottle cage attachment points are made from brass, to prevent stripping.
  • Comes with bottle cage mounting screws (cage & bottle excluded).
  • Warning from the Minoura site: “Saddle rail clamping bracket is made of heat-treated steel to be light weight and durable. If you tighten the bolts too strongly, it may be broken. Be careful about the tightening torque.” (Previous models utilized a plain untreated steel bracket, so despite the warning, this version appears to be nice upgrade).

Saddle Compatibility Warning

From the Minoura website: “Not compatible with I-Beam type saddle. Standard dual rail type only.”

Visit this page for reports on which saddles will, or will not work with this device.


Net weight (verified): 149 g (5.3 oz.)
Manuf. No. SBH-300
eoGEAR SKU # 7502-DBH

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