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T164 — Tripod Feet Pouch
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T164 — Tripod Feet Pouch

T164 — Tripod Feet Pouch

The T164 is an unpadded rectangular pouch to hold the bottom of your tripod to a long lens case or to a Kinesis backpack.

  • Holds the bottom two feet of your tripod.
  • Attaches either on the side or center of the pack or in the center of a long lens case.
  • This product has two pair of attachment metal sliders, so the pouch can be adjusted in one of two modes: If you want the bottom of the pouch flush with bottom of the long lens case or backpack, attach using ONLY the two lower pair of metal sliders OR if you want with the bottom of the pouch hanging below the bottom of the long lens case (i.e. a very tall tripod), attach using ONLY the two upper pair of metal sliders. For instructions on how to attach to a case, see #2 on this page.
  • The bottom features a grommet drain hole.
  • It can be a useful accessory pouch for battery packs or film magazines.
  • If it used as a lens pouch put a bandanna in the bottom as the metal grommet may scratch your lens.
  • This product will attach to any Kinesis belt but does not have a generic belt loop on the back and will not attach to a non-Kinesis belt.
  • A Y204 or the longer Y205 strap is required to hold the top of the tripod in place (not included).

Alternative product: We now offer a round padded pouch to hold your tripod with a ball head attached — up-side-down! This way you won't have top-heavy “swing” problem that is inherent with the traditional “right-side-up“ carrying method. See the T317.


Single-wide allotment on belt or pack.

For instructions on how to attach this product to a case, see #2 on this page.

(97 cu in)*

15hx11.5wx7.5d cm
(1.6 lit)*

*Fully expanded volume. Because this pouch is unpadded it compresses down to approx. 1/4 this volume.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa