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F102 Small Utility Pouch. The grab strap can be tucked out of way, when used on a belt.
Rear view showing the Kinesis Attachment Tab System (KATS). This photo is dated: the F102 grab strap now has a quick-release buckle for adding on a Y208 extension strap.
The F102 grab strap has a quick-release buckle as shown on the F169 here. A Y208 extension strap can be added onto it.
The V020 divider (now in black) attaches to one side of the pouch for two very small lenses or teleconverters.
F102 (old syle) attached to light stand with a battery pack inside.
The front slip pocket of the F102 holds lens caps (pouch interior is now orange colored).
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F102 fits most prime lenses up to 67mm filter diameter.
F102 fits most prime lenses up to 67mm filter diameter.
F102 fits most prime lenses up to 67mm filter diameter.

F102 — Small Utility Pouch

For teleconverters, small prime lenses and some battery packs.
  • Fits most small prime lenses like 28/2.8, 50/1.4, 85/1.8, 100mm macros etc.
  • Pouch has slip pocket in front which serves as a lens cap retainer.
  • Accepts the V020 divider so two teleconverters or small prime lenses can sit side by side (see photos).
  • Accepts a Y208 extension strap for hanging around a tripod or attaching to a light stand.
  • Fits smaller batteries such as the Quantum® Turbo Z, 4x5 field lenses, or a radio slave.
  • Minimally padded bottom, sides and back (4mm open cell foam). Stiffer padding in front (6mm closed cell foam).
  • The F102 was originally designed for medium format film magazines (i.e. Hasselblad, Mamiya RZ/M645, Bronica etc.). The slip pocket in front severs to hold the dark slide. 
  • If you would this pouch configured as a filter pouch, check out the F103 here.


KATS space occupied: 1.0 module (the horizontal space occupied on a belt).

4.5h x 4.5w x 3d"
Volume = 61 cu in
Weight = 3 oz

12hx11.5wx7.5d cm
Volume = 1.0 lit
Weight = 85 g

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa